Lamborghini Reventon vs. Fighter Jet

Lately, it seems that tests between supercars and fighter jets are quite in fashion. After Top Gear tested the powerful Bugatti Veyron against the Eurofighter Typhoon jet, it is now time for another limited-edition supercar, Lamborghini Reventon, to test its power against the Panavia Tornado jet-fighter

But if we think better, in this case test really make sense; after all the Reventon is fighter jet inspired!

Lamborghini Reventon vs. Fighter Jet

The tests were taken on the Ghedi airport (3 kilometers long), and the Reventon (with a 0 to 60 mph accelaration in just 3.4 seconds) almost defeat the Panavia Tornado, but the fighter jet (with a peak torque of 87.600 Nm) managed to win on the last few meters as it left the ground at more than 300 km/h.

Lamborghini Reventon vs. Fighter Jet
Lamborghini Reventon vs. Fighter Jet


both of them put a dodge viper vemon wite 700hp 650llb of torque and gets from 0 to 60 in 3.3 sec. and a top speed of 245mph. and coast just $107.100

I`ll take them both smiley

I’d like the Fighter Jet pls

i want to buy one.....msg me

You can buy one for 1.7 million US dollars. If anyone wants one post up your info.

nice a good bout between super car and a super jet

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