Lamborghini Urus will be built on PL73 platform; will be lightest in its segment

Lamborghini Urus

When Lamborghini unveiled the Urus Concept at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, it came with the announcement that a production version would arrive sometime in 2017. And now, in an interview with Automotive News, Maurizio Reggiani has stated that the company hopes the Urus will become its top-selling model with an annual volume of 3,000 because of strong demand in China, the United States, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. That’s almost double compared to the 1,600 vehicles Lamborghini sold last year.

The future Urus will be built on the Volkswagen new PL73 platform that will be used for the next-generation Audi Q7 , Porsche Cayenne , and Volkswagen Touareg , as well as the production version of Bentley’s new SUV. Lamborghini also hopes that their future SUV will weigh as much as 4400 lbs - or about 440 lbs lighter than any of the models in its segment. And because the new platform will be made of steel, Lamborghini will need to use innovative technologies to hit their target weight. One of these solutions is a T-shaped, forged-carbon composite structure that extends from the central tunnel to the rear suspension hinging points.

Reggiani also confirmed that a twin-turbo, gasoline-direction-injection V-8 is a strong possibility because it "improves weight distribution without forcing an increase to the SUV’s wheelbase and overall length." This engine will be coupled to a permanent four-wheel-drive system and most likely a dual-clutch transmission.


Are we here again for this weight reduction?

To keep it faster, they have to make it lighter. Its concept is fabulous, and very intimidating.

I love the concept of making it lighter. Even in the interior, everything seems to be floating in space.

What have they done to make it lighter?

They have to make it lighter to perform better on roads. I agree that higher suspension and not a lighter version is the right to call this young car.

Are you sure about that? It looks like its a ton heavier than Gallardo.

Really? Looking at it, it seems that it will quite weigh a lot.

Aside from its vicious appearance, I think that the platform, the high suspension would be one of the reasons why this would be well-received.

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