Lamborghini Urus - this is how the rear will look like?

After many teasers (well, three actually), here’s the first image that reveals the rear of the future Lamborghini Urus, four-door concept that will make its world debut at the Paris Auto Show.

Don’t get to excited, is not official, is just a photoshop made by a very talented guy. He put together the three teaser images and obtained this. Well, we have to admit it looks interesting.

But we’ll need to wait for the Paris Show to begin to see if he is right or not!

Source: AutoGespot


Remember, mid-engined just means that the engine is located behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels. This is just a Photoshop job and the engine can still be in front of the driver (just not in front of the front wheels) as first rumored.

A 4 door concept with middle engine...?
That’s a combination of the Murcielago and the back of the Urus, looks cheap.

i really hope it does look like this.... it would make many people happy after fears of it not being that nice to look at

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