Lamborghini working on Reventon Roadster

When a high school band needs to raise money, it has a bake sale; when Lamborghini needs to raise money, it drags out the old castings it has for an ultra-rare supercar and whips up an new batch without a top.

This seems to be the best explanation for rumors going around about a roadster version of the Reventon in the works. After all the current economy has caused Lamborghini to see a slowdown in sales and it possibly put the brakes on the Estoque , so what better way to get some cash by tapping into the ultra rich one more time.

Lambo won’t have a whole lot of work it has to put in to taking off the Reventon’s top. The roadster can likely utilize many of the production molds from the coupe. Also much of the engineering work can likely be borrowed from the Murciélago LP650-4 Roadster , and it will likely borrow the 670 hp engine from the Murcielago LP 670-4 SV .

Although the coupe was limited to only twenty units, the topless version will be an even more exclusive show. The roadster will be limited to nine cars, priced at €1,200,000 each (currently about $1.6 million).

Source: Cars UK

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