Land Rover LR3 navigates Hercules aircraft

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The sky’s no longer the limit for Land Rover North America today as an LR3 has accomplished something no vehicle has ever done before.

In the second installment of the ’Designed for the Extraordinary’ marketing campaign which kicked off earlier this year, a 2006 LR3 is filmed boarding a 75,562 lb. C-130 Hercules cargo plane. Once airborne the Hercules crew used the LR3’s navigation system to direct the plane from Nice, France to the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. At a height of 9,000 feet, the navigation system equipped in the LR3 was able to accurately direct the plane to its destination.

"This is a truly extraordinary demonstration of the capability and adventure inherent within all Land Rover vehicles, and the LR3 in particular," said Sally Eastwood, vice president, marketing, Land Rover North America. "We determined that the vehicle’s navigation system could in fact do this, and decided to make it a reality."

Land Rover North America’s ’Extraordinary’ marketing campaign showcases actual events, not dramatizations. The documented journey launches today and is the second chapter of a multi-phase campaign created in liaison with Young & Rubicam Brands, Land Rover North America’s advertising agency.

The unlikely and creative union with Hercules, the iconic C-130 cargo plane, features the extraordinary capability of the Land Rover LR3 and its superior technology.

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