Last sexy car wash of the summer

Italy in the summer — hot temperatures, hot girls, and hot cars. Seems like the perfect entertainment for any summer day. But that’s all done now. Fall is here and it’s time to pack up the bikinis. But before it all goes away, it’s time for one last fun time.

MA-FRA, a well know company that offers products for car-cleaning, offered a last "hot" entertainment with the famous "Tour Sexy Car & Bike Wash." So, if you are from Italy, tomorrow is your last chance to enjoy summer. But if you can’t make it, at least well all get a few nice pics to lull us into fall.

Even more pics after the jump

Source: Omniauto


Tour Sexy Car & Bike Wash is really a hot event. This is one of the most wonderful event especially in summer where there are hot cars with hot girls...

Oh yeah! Italian women are extremely beautiful! That summer definitely the hottest one! Is this event happened every year?

Oh no! its still cold now but I’m getting hot! lol. Italian women look so stunning!

I don’t have any words to say, but it’s total hotness. I agree with everyone here; stylish, sexy, what else adjectives to add here? Am speechless!

What a nice summer huh!This car models are all so hot and sexy.

@BMWM6 - i don’t care about the car, i care about the girls, are they taken? LMAO

what car is in the picture above

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