Last SSC Ultimate Aero XT enters production

Back in August, SSC unveiled the Ultimate Aero XT , which was a special edition Ultimate Aero featuring an all-new 423.6-cubic-inch 1,300 horsepower engine, and an updated exterior and interior. The XT was limited to only 5 units with each carrying a different price tag, with the most expensive one being the car number No. 5 at a whopping $850,000.

According to SSC, the final Aero XT is now entering production, so if you were planning to acquire one, it looks like you have missed your chance. This last Aero XT features an exterior color specially chosen by the customer and that will never be used again on any Ultimate Aero or Tuatara.

This special edition also features some key assemblies that will be featured in the upcoming Tuatara. The company’s new supercar will be delivered to first customers in 2013.

Our hats go off to the bunch at SSC, now we just need to wait and see is the Tuatara is everything SSC has touted it as – essentially a Bugatti Veyron killer…

Press Release

SSC Announces Production of Ultimate Aero XT Chassis #5

WEST RICHLAND, WA (12/06/2012)

SSC Ultimate Aero XT

SSC North America, the American supercar manufacturer and creator of the Guinness World Record breaking Ultimate Aero, recently offered a "Limited Edition" five car production run of the Ultimate Aero to enthusiasts worldwide. This ultra-extreme and final edition showcases some key assemblies that will be featured in the upcoming Tuatara, which is scheduled to deliver to first customers in 2013.

"We are excited that the last Ultimate Aero to be produced, chassis #5, is now committed," says Jerod Shelby, Founder, Lead Designer and CEO of SSC. "This is the last of the Ultimate Aero legacy and the customer is extremely excited to be the owner of the last one ever built. I have to admit that I am a little sad to know this is the last Ultimate Aero to roll off the line, but that feeling is overshadowed by the excitement I have for the upcoming release of the Tuatara - the future of the company."


During the manufacturing of the final Ultimate Aero XT, SSC will be posting exclusive pictures on their website and on Facebook, so supercar enthusiasts can experience the assembly process of this incredible car.


i am curious how great the tuatara will be, since this car is so awesome!

hey, that is expected when you pay 850.000$ for a unique car! you expect everything about it to be unique!

i like the fact that they will keep this color combination and layout unique to any of their future cars. that is great for the owner!

it is starting to be ordinary in their own small exclusive world. because for us, mere mortals, it still is great.

there are so many super-powerful, super-fast, super-expensive cars out there, that being "one of the" any of the list is starting to be quite the ordinary.

you are right about that tinur. but that is because there are lots of great cars out there!

i think this "one of the best cars" list is getting quite long.

i think this one of the best cars made!

1.300 HP is a lot of power. and the 850.000$ price tag seems quite small, compared to other 1.000+ HP cars.

i’d rather say that the car has a very clean design instead of calling it "dull"

although quite dull looking, that car is a monster!

it is not as sad as it seems. because it is letting a better car in it’s place.

a great car has come to meet its end. that is sad smiley

850.000$ is not much compared to the last koenigsegg or the last pagani, which are both well over 1.000.000$

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