Lewis Hamilton interested in $7 milion yacht

Money are not a problem for the 23 years-old pilot at the moment (not that they have ever been!). After all, Lewis Hamilton has just signed a contract with McLaren for a few million euro. And with so much money in his pocket, Hamilton decided is time to spend them! Recently he visited the London Boat Show.

Source: The Sun

In here he showed quite big interest in a Sunseeker 90, a $7 million yacht that features its own living room, a bar, three plasma TVs and two double bedrooms.

An onlooker said: “Lots of people were admiring the yacht, but then they were all asked to leave.

Lewis Hamilton interested in $7 milion yacht

“Lewis was then brought on with a group of men. He looked very impressed and in a very good mood.”

But a spokesman for Lewis said: “He isn’t buying one at the moment. “He was back in London and went to the show with some friends who just really like boats.”

If he will buy it, I am wondering how many knots will he be sailing?


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