Lewis Hamilton will get a McLaren F1 LM; if he'll win 2 more titles

It seems that you can put a price on winning three world champion titles. If Lewis Hamilton wins two more world championships , he’ll get his hands on a $8 million supercar. Hamilton’s boss and McLaren CEO Ron Dennis made a deal with F1’s youngest champ that will give Hamilton a ultra-rare McLaren F1 LM supercar. Hamilton told reporters in Sao Paulo on Monday morning that he will be handed the keys with his third drivers’ championship. "We made a deal, three world championships. I will definitely work as hard as I can to get to number three," he said.

The F1 LM is one of the rarest cars in the world. There were only 5 copies made, and the one in question is currently parked in the McLaren racing team’s garage.

Source: Fi Live

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