Lexus is heading to Paris and Bringing a new Concept along

Lexus IS-F

Car manufacturers love nothing more than to get us all talking about their latest concept. It makes them even more happy when there is an aura of mystery around it. Well, Toyota is one that loves pulling this stunt (See: over-dramatized 2013 Avalon release). This time around, Lexus , Toyota’s luxury arm, has chosen to remain even more secretive than its older cousin.

This new mystery for us to solve is the upcoming introduction of a new concept car at the Paris Motor Show. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait the full time to catch a glimpse of the new Lexus, as the luxury automaker has promised to release its first images on September 17th.

If Lexus is anything like its parent company, these images will likely be as nondescript as possible and not really reveal anything. Using our magical speculation meters, we are guessing that this will end up being the concept that the next-gen IS will be based off of. If so, we really can’t wait to find out what’s under the hood, as we are anticipating a nasty twin-boosted V-6 to grace the IS-F’s engine compartment.

Given the next-gen IS is about a year or two away, this makes sense for it to still be a concept car. We’ll definitely find out a lot more when Lexus decides to release some images. Hopefully they are enough to at least clue us in on whether it is the new IS lineup or not.

Stay tuned!


I hope this New Concept will make people in the Paris happy and contented.

Ugh! I know the concept and I don’t like it.

Actually I already saw the new concept but I was disappointed.

I’m so excited about what will be the result of this new concept.

Wow. That is a big new!. I wonder what are the first reaction of the people in paris?.

Did they already went to Paris ? Is the new concept hit the car sales?

Great! Lexus is luxury car type and I think Parisian can’t wait for the new concept of this car.

I really envy people in Paris that they can watch the Lexus having those new concept.

I am really anticipating about this new concept. And to be able to show it on Paris? I think many people will come there to watch it.

I think that they really prepare something new about this new Lexus.

People in the Paris surely happy with this great news.

This concept must be exceptional so that people in Paris will be impress on it’s new concept.

It is not a new concept to be honest. It’s only a vehicle with common design concept and common components.

I really want to know what that “SECRET” thing this car have.

I just hope that this will be successful especially because Paris is a really popular place.

They seemed to be more prepared than other cars that is now heading to the show.

Paris has a good opportunity on this new and upcoming Lexus. I hope they are already prepared for this one.

The Lexus latest concept will be the most awaited on the luxury segment. Like a reminisce of the Lexus LF-A.

Paris should brace for this new Lexus. They have something to boasts to other luxury companies.

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