Lexus LF-A Nurburgring Edition priced at $450,000

If you’re already shelling out $375,000 for a Lexus LF-A , what’s another $75,000, right?

That’s what it’s going to cost when you decide to fore-go your "standard" LF-A for a tricked out Nurburgring Edition of the Lexus sports car. For the extra 75 grand, you’re going to get a performance upgrade that gives your LF-A a 4.8-liter V10 engine that produces around 562 horsepower - 10 horsepower more than the regular type - and a modified transmission that cuts back on the supercar’s gear-shift time to 0.15 seconds - down from 0.20 seconds from the traditional package. Additional upgrades for the Nurburgring Edition include a tuned-up suspension system, black mesh-type alloy wheels with dedicated high-grip tires for better handling, a larger front spoiler, a fixed rear wing for improved high-speed down force, four exterior colors to choose from – whitest white, orange, black and matte black, which will then be complemented by three interior colors – red, black and violet.

And that’s not all.

Lexus is also throwing in a number of other perks, including, a private parking, co-pilot ride, and a one night stay at the Lindner Congress and Motorsport Hotel Nürburgring where buyers will also receive a private training with a Nürburgring chief driving instructor, a Nürburgring branded jacket, and finally, a one-year annual pass valid for driving on the Green Hell.

Not bad for an extra 75 grand, right?

Source: Lexus


Well, every people has a different taste.. aren’t they? Well, maybe they have the taste for the LF-A.

with $450,000 I would rather buy myself a GT-R and fully customize it with the remaining $350,000

I love it, looks sportier-tuned suspension, pretty cool exclusive black mesh-type alloy wheels with dedicated high-grip tires for better handling and as well as a larger front spoiler and fixed rear wing for improved high speed down force which is also part of the Nürburgring Package.

Well for me, I’d rather choose to have a GT-R than the LF-A besides the GT-R has a lot of aftermarket parts and it’s very easy to customise and tune this car.

Well, IMO that was an over price. I hope with that price Drivers or owner would be satisfy with it.

I hope they can get all the best part on $75,000. IMO, this kind of performance parts are only applicable for those car enthusiast.

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