Lexus LS460 tuned by Fabulous

Fabulous, a Japanese tuner, decided to make from the recently elected world car of the year Lexus LS460 an even more beautiful model.

Lexus LS460 tuned by Fabulous

VARIOUS LEXUS LS460 Specification

Wheel size & Tire size

  • Front 
    • 22inch x 8.5j +30 FACE-1 
    • 245/30 ZR22
  • Rear
    • 22inch x 10.0j +36 FACE-2
    • 295/25 ZR22

Full length x Overall width

  • Fabulous spec 
    • 5,030mm x 1,875mm 
  • Normal spec
    • 5,030mm x 1,875mm

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