Lexus of Poland Celebrates First Sold LF-A Supercar

Either the Lexus LF-A is that awesome of a supercar that’s worthy of celebration or the folks over at Lexus of Poland are relieved to have finally sold one.

We’d like to believe it’s the former after the aforementioned Polish Lexus dealership held a celebration after officially selling the 447th production LF-A, the first Lexus supercar to be sold in Poland.

The LF-A is a quite a doozy, as it was limited to only 500 units and it’s even rarer in a place like Poland where there aren’t as many of these exotics around. We’ll give credit to Lexus of Poland for understanding the significance of the occasion and to that new owner of the LF-A, you have one of the most awesome supercars in the world.

Congratulations on the purchase and please don’t wreck your new baby. It feels a little better knowing that you’re going to take real good care of this red/burgundy LF-A. It deserves as much.


I heard that it somewhere around 375.000$.
It’s expensive , but also a treasure of a car!!

Oh, what a shame, only 500?
Does anybody know what the price of this car might sound like?

Yes Alex, even I have been surprise by those beautiful details.
It’s like being a great actor, in an action movie, driving this car!!

I didn’t imagine the interior of this car to be so well constructed.
It’s amazing

I’m wondering how good would I look like driving a black LF-A.
Congratulations to the owner, you lucky one!!!

Yes Debound, that’s right.
The one’s from Lexus plan to create some affordable cars with the same components, but not the LF-A

I heard it’s a limited edition of this car, because of the costs.Is that true?

So there are people able to afford such jewelries!

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