Lexus offers up details on a "possible" IS-F Coupe

Lexus LF-CC Concept

During the LF-CC ’s North American at the 2012 SEMA Show, Lexus Marketing Boss Brian Bolain offered almost every possible detail on an upcoming performance two-door vehicle without necessarily confirming the production model. The new model will replace the outgoing SC and will most likely be offered with an IS-F Coupe nomenclature.

When talking about the sports car’s exterior design, Bolain said that the LF-CC Concept is a clear indication of what the future model will look like, especially when it comes to the monoform grille which will first be used in the upcoming 2014 IS F-Sport sedan. Also, the upcoming performance coupe will feature the company’s new signature Spindle Grille recently seen on the new GS sedan .

"Design is not something we’ve ever been given credit for. Design has got to become one of our hallmarks. With LF-LC and LF-CC we’re starting to prove to outsiders we can do it."

The future IS-F Coupe’s power source is still under consideration and Bolain confirmed that everything is possible, starting from a four-cylinder engine all the way up to a V8 engine.

Source: Autoguide


LFA, ISF and new 4th generation GS were developed years ago.

The improved handling of Lexus started way before the partnership with BMW

BMW and Toyota have partnered to yield better engines, enhanced performance & share cutting edge technology.

Either way, I believe the coupe variant would not materialize for at least another 1year

what engine will be on tjat car? v6? v8?

If the LF-CC reaches showrooms as a V8-powered IS-F coupé i will die of laughter!

it’s such a pity that there are no spyshots of the coupe yet

i think that it will be a convertible,not a coupe...

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