Lexus shows footage of 'pre-fix' and 'post-fix' videos of the Lexus GX 460

After getting called out by Consumer Reports regarding the safety hazards that came with the Lexus GX 460 , Lexus quickly pulled off a remarkably quick turn-around on the stability issues that plagued the SUV. The same ones that caused Consumer Reports to put the Lexus GX 460 on its "do not buy" list.

After discovering the problem for themselves, Lexus recalled all of the affected GX 460 models, fixed the problem, and sent the cars back out to their owners. And just to prove that they were completely on top of things, they even came out with a video comparison of what happens to the GX 460 when it makes a sharp turn. While it wasn’t as exaggerated as what CR described - the car had the potential to roll over - the over steer in the ’before’ shot caused a quick fish-tail movement in the GX 460, which, if you noticed, was already fixed in the after ’shot’. Of course, since this video was made by Toyota (Lexus’ parent company), we can’t know for sure if Consumer Reports was exaggerating the problem or if Toyota decided to "downplay" the problem. This Toyota scenario isn’t exactly far-fetched considering Toyota’s recent decision-making in regards to the inadequacy of their vehicles.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

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