Lexus takes swipe at German counterparts in latest print ad

So what is with Japanese automakers and their growing fondness of making fun of their German counterparts these days? Heck, if we knew the answers, we’d tell you. But we don’t, so we might as well just tell you what’s been going on recently.

Last week, Nissan rolled out a hilarious new campaign centered on the Nissan 370Z and how it compares to German sports cars in its segment. The campaign even drew the ire of a number of car brands, most notably Porsche , who thought that their logo shouldn’t have been used in the whole advertising gimmick.

Now, another Japanese car brand has stepped out with its own new ad that continues what Nissan began a week ago: mocking its German counterparts. In this ad, which was released exclusively for the South African market, Lexus takes a few potshots at its competitors who charge an exorbitant amount of money on features - power seating, high powered sound system, reverse camera, voice-controlled navigation, USB and Bluetooth, among others - that, as far as Lexus is concerned, should come as standard for all vehicles.

While the ad doesn’t specifically mention which German brands Lexus is throwing stones at, you should notice that the charts Lexus used to illustrate their point bears striking resemblances to logos that we’re all too familiar with. Nice way to be subtle, fellas.

Source: BMW Blog


I think it sounds like a kid fight. I didn’t know that manufacture were acting like a child also. It’s much better if they make it a man to man fight! Let’s count on who has the highest sale last year that would speak who has a great production! 

Haha. Yeah! Cool ad!

Super Like. Nice Ad!Is there a fan page for this? lol

Well now, that’s a great way of driving home the point. Definitely one of the most brilliant marketing ideas I have seen from the guys at Lexus.

That was so hilarious. Nice Ad!

yeah Lexus, very nice ad indeed.

This is more of a comparison rather than an actual attack ad, but any way attack ads are very effective. The problem with GM’s attack advertisements is that they are very deceptive. For example, there is a magazine advertisement comparing the Malibu and Camry. The Malibu is more fuel efficient and significantly cheaper. Note that they don’t give the horsepower numbers, however; the prices and mpg they used compared a 4-cylinder Malibu to a V6 Camry. Another example is a recent TV ad in which they showed 360 degree views of the LaCrosse and ES 350, assuming that the viewer would judge the Buick the better car. What they don’t tell you, however, is that they compared a 2010 LaCrosse to a 2007 ES; not the refreshed 2010 model.

Those are just two of countless GM attack ads that are overtly dishonest. Attack ads can be beneficial to consumers, however, if they are honest, and Toyota is always honest in their advertisements. For example, when the MKIV Supra came out they released a series of attack ads against the 911 turbo and 512 TR, in which the only performance numbers they ever used were from the same independent magazine on the same day, as to ensure fairness, and all quotes were taken in full context.

I partly agree with you. First of all, I totally disagree with the "attacking" advertising. That’s why I hate the GM commercials (hence I would not buy their products). But at the same time, I would not consider this ad as making fun of the German makes. More like trying to create more awareness of the brand, since the others are more established. And looking at this ad, it is actually more about price and value, than "our car is better than yours". But Toyota/Lexus should refrain from from the "attacking" advertising.

If only the world adopted Germany’s policy on advertising, which only should promote the company’s own products instead of talking trash about others. In the US, GM is always trash-talking in their commercials. Ford is not doing this so much anymore, instead focusing only on the product itself. So between the two, I would more likely buy a Ford product. Toyota, or any other manufacturer, should not follow GM’s approach.

Uncia i am 100 % with you...brilliantly creative ad regardless of blunders!

I’m quit surprise after an embarrassing blunder they still have the guts to do this.
Seriously, they should used a smarter approach than making fun of others while Lexus themselves stuck in a limbo of problems.

That’s an awesome advertisement. I’m going to print it out and hang it on a wall somewhere.

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