London under the ... speed cameras

I just found this very interesting GoogleMap of London and all its speed cameras. When I think I was complaining about too many revenue collectors along Miami roads. Florida is not that bad after all. Enjoy it while you can.


CAMERAS! everywhere..smileybetter watch out!

Why are there so many speed cameras?!

to many speed cameras! how many tickets they issue a day?

There’s money in this safety malarkey.
Whilst not condoning the practice, you can see why some people are driven to blow them up!

If they have that many balloons at a childrens party, I can see a child being really happy.

Road safety is one thing but that is like going into a gl*ss bathroom on top of a popular hill and having people watch you while you take a shower.

please note the M cameras are not there all the time, they stick vans on the road that film in both directions, 1 got me doing 66 in a 40. b*stards!

Snap!_____Too much!

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