Long wheelbase Porsche Panamera in the works

In the short time that it has been out on the market, the Porsche Panamera has evolved into one of the brand’s most popular models. So much so, in fact, that Porsche is already working on producing an extended wheelbase version to cater to those who have been clamoring for one.

Details behind the extended wheelbase version of the Panamera are still a little murky at this point, but with demand in the US and China for an extended Panamera in the uptick – at least according to Porsche’s research department - the German automaker could be looking into breaking into a market that already features luminaries like the Audi A8 L , the Mercedes S-Class , and the BMW 740Li .

In the event that an extended Panamera gets the green light for production, you can expect it to stretch all the way up to the 120-inch range, up from the current Panamera’s length of 115 inches.

The release of the extended wheelbase version of the Panamera is still being pegged down the road - possibly around 2012 - so don’t expect it anytime soon. Having said that, customers that have been demanding for a longer Panamera should be happy knowing that Porsche is definitely listening to their client’s requests. Sooner or later, their demand for an extended wheelbase Porsche Panamera will come to life.

Source: Autoweek


well, I am not counting my bets on an extended Panamera just yet. Porsche still has some way to go in terms of getting public opinion on the idea, so they likely won’t be building that one soon.

This one is definitely an interesting development. If this one turns out to be a success, it would likely be possible that Porsche would try to implement this to their other models.

I wonder if the wait for this Panamera version would be worthwhile, considering all the competition. But then again, this is Porsche, so it should be a reasonable wait.

And finally a car that is not black or silver! Nice touch!

I am happy to see Porsche getting into the limo segment. I like the A8 but i am sick to see that they change the looks with strange facelifts, and never improve any major parts. I think a $100.000 car can have carbon fiber body smiley

Superb! I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing this one live but I’m looking forward to it!

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