Lotus at the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show

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The lightweight English sports car manufacturer Lotus had two very special models on display at the 2009 Miami Auto Show. Sitting front and center is the all new Evora model that combines a carbon fiber closed cockpit two seater configuration with a transversely mounted 3.5 Liter Toyota Toyota VVT-i V6 that makes about 270 HP and is more than enough to give the new Lotus plenty of get up and go accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in under 5 seconds. The other Lotus in the Collection’s booth is of the open air variety, the 60th anniversary Elise model comes complete with a pair of stripes running down the middle that match the color accented interior complete with 60th Anniversary embroidery.


very unique headlights but the body kit and the style can be compared to dodge viper.

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