Lotus Evora caught filming in the French Alps for a Lotus/James Bond tribute video

There have been recent rumors spreading around that the new James Bond movie is in the works as we speak and for its part, Lotus seems to be trying to get the producers to bring their brand back to becoming 007’s next ride.

While these are still rumors – we haven’t really heard anything from MGM regarding this matter – it did make us a little curious to see a Lotus Evora being filmed in the Chamonix in the French Alps as part of a Lotus tribute to all the previous cars that have starred opposite Her Majesty’s Secret Weapon in a lot of the 22 Bond movies that have been released.

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Source: AutomoBlog

A reader of Automoblog even took some photos of the proceedings with the Evora looking dapper and debonair-ish, which, incidentally, is what most people would describe James Bond himself.

Again, this is still entirely speculation and that the filming of the Evora has nothing to do with anything about the 23rd Bond movie, but if we can just play the game of putting two and two together, we don’t have find it entirely coincidental that Lotus is making a tribute video for all the Lotuses that have appeared in the Bond movies if they knew that they wouldn’t have a chance of making a comeback in the latest movie.


O well, another James Bond movie, another awesome car to be destroyed, wrecked, chopped into to or crashed. I don’t remember any movie of his wherein he didn’t trashed a car. He almost always do get the car totaled.

well i’ve seen that scene many times, northing’s new and special with this movie.

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