Lotus Rubbing Salt in Bahar's Wound by Auctioning off His Custom Executive Car

It’s two days short of a month since we last mentioned Dany Bahar and Lotus in the same sentence , but we knew the silence couldn’t go on forever. While we await the outcome of the potential wrongful-termination lawsuit Bahar is allegedly planning, Lotus continues to rid itself of any signs of Bahar.

This de-Bahar-ing of Lotus began with the scrapping of all but one of his concept cars , much to the joy of Lotus purists, and has now moved into an almost personal attack. Lotus is now auctioning off Bahar’s company car, which so happens to be a fully restored and customized 2002 Esprit V8.

It features a custom pearlescent white paint job, Nova OZ wheels, center-exit exhaust, custom rounded taillights, and a Final Edition Esprit rear wing. The interior is bespoke too, featuring leather and SuedeTex throughout.

The front brakes feature 4-piston AP Racing calipers, while the rear brakes are Brembo-built. The engine and transmission were both rebuilt less than 1,000 miles ago, despite only having 36,000 miles on them to begin with. On top of the Sport350 “High Boost” ECM mod, we suspect that both the engine and transmission have some internal modifications, so it likely punches out much more than the 350 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque it did from the factory.

This entire restoration was commissioned by Bahar and carried out in a Lotus factory, likely on Lotus’ dime – surprise, surprise. Is it any wonder why the company is in such a financial hell right now?

Anyways, in an effort to raise a little capital, Lotus is now auctioning off this rig to the highest bidder via its UK dealerships. NADA lists a high-retail value of $60,300 on the 2002 Esprit, but we assume this one will fetch closer to the $80,000 range with all of its custom work.

We’ll keep you updated on the final auction results.


If Bahar just penalized by his wrongdoing, file a case then sent him into jail and not being unfair on him.

Lotus should at least respect Bahar with his privacy and let the court decide on this matter.

They are not fair with Bahar. Lotus just want to be mean on him.

Lotus should give Bahar a chance. His car is a personal belonging.

Go ahead and start the auction process of his car. He deserves it anyway.

Ouch, I think Lotus is being so meant to Bahar that even his belonging are going on the auction process.

For me it’s too much for Bahar. Lotus already fired him as CEO and now they auctioning Bahar’s car? Man it’s ridiculous.

If they just focus on the 2014 Esprit, they might be able to garner much attention like what they needed right now. The company needs to be positive amid the case they are handling at the same time.

If they are going to trashed all the concepts made by Bahar, are they able to produce a good one?

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