LRX production version to get four doors and badged Range Rover

Land Rover did it again...Back in 2004, it showed off the Range Stormer concept . It was acclaimed for being a cool looking sporty coupe/SUV, but when it came to the market, it showed up as the five-door Range Rover Sport . Not that the RR Sport is unattractive, but it’s no Stormer.

So when we got a look at the Land Rover LRX at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008, we were hopeful that a sporty coupe/SUV was on the way. As it turns out, Land Rover gave us the ’ol bait-n-switch again.

Land Rover’s managing director Phil Popham confirmed that the production version would carry the Range Rover name, which also would likely mean an addition of rear doors. It seems the LRX is being created as a way for Land Rover to double-up on another chassis. Where the Land Rover Sport uses the underpinnings from a LR3 (Discovery), the production LRX will share a chassis with the LR2 (Freelander).

So for those who want a two-door Land Rover/Range Rover, then the only option is still the steadfast Defender — unless you live in the U.S., then just but a Jeep.

Source: AutoCar

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