Lumma Design TopCar BMW 5-Series

BMW’s 5-Series full size luxury sedan has become an iconic vehicle over the past few decades with the wide bodied M5 with its wide mouth front bumper smiling proudly at the top of the heap, so it would take a trio of tuners to improve upon the classic design. The German BMW tuning specialists from Lumma Design have teamed up with the Russian stylists at TopCar and Cardi to design a very special body kit for the 2010 BMW 5-Series.

Lumma Design TopCar BMW 5-Series

The Russian firms are responsible for everything from styling to modeling while their neighbors to the west will be in charge of the manufacturing process, and if everything goes according to plan the kit will be available for personal use starting in April 2010. The new aerodynamic package is made up of a new front and rear bumpers integrating oversized air intakes, lower hanging side skirts, carbon fiber rear diffuser and a discreet wing on the boot lid made from the lightweight woven black stuff. The new kit takes the 5-Series from a mundane people mover to a fire breathing performance machine that would make any M5 jealous.


Well the main concern is, "what’s the specific price of this car after the body kit package?". Well really need that information, my brother is forcing me to buy him a BMW but I’m in the middle of thinking if he will take care of it(just because he’s careless) but this is my first choice.

Russian tuner TopCar and Lumma Design from Germany have presented their first joint project for the 2010 BMW 5 Series.

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