M5Board Talks With Managing Director Of New F10 M5

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The BMW M5 is a very normal car; a car for everyday use and one of the best performance sedans on the market. However, with a push of a button - the M button to be precise - the M5 turns into an animal. A finely tuned sports machine that can rival Corvettes and perhaps even some Ferrari models.

The largest community of M5 owners, M5Board, had a chance to talk with Dr. Kay Segler, the managing director of the new M5. In the interview, he confirmed that an M5 is on the way, but not for another one to one and a half years. We should get most of the information next year in Geneva .

The car will put out 25% less C02 than the current model and will feature a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 that will put out around 555 horsepower. That will make it more powerful than the old version.

"It will be a brilliant car," said Dr. Segler.

Source: M5Board


most high powered cars frequently produces more CO2, but this one’s almost eco friendly.

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