Mahindra may buy Hummer from GM

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Mahindra is an Indian carmaker that first gained attention by building Jeeps for the home market. Now they may be interested in moving on to the next generation of American military vehicles by buying the Hummer brand. This may seem like an odd move during a time when high fuel prices are causing large SUVs to grow stale on dealer lots, but Mahindra may be looking at Hummer for part of a bigger plan.

It’s no secret that General Motors wants to get rid of Hummer, and Mahindra may utilize its name and products to help bring it’s own cars to the U.S. Its rumored that the company is developing a network of around 300 dealerships across the U.S. to sell Mahindra vehicles, with a $125,000 fee being asked from dealerships to become franchisees.


This is so unoriginal. Then again, it’s better than thinking of a fresher concept which would be almost similar to that.

Mahindra is a Hummer look-alike. Maybe all they need is its franchise coming from GM, so they can produce their own style.

Well, I guess Mahindra is regretting now for buying Hummer brand name. Recently, Americans have made a call to save the this American military jeep because its industry is already dying. And I think car production has the highest compare to off roads vehicle.

The biggest part that kills me out of this whole scenario is, GM hasn’t shipped a new Hummer to its dealers since the last week of February due to the American Axle strike. Of course there will be a 60% reduction in sales.

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