Man builds Lamborghini Countach replica in 17 years

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If you have the passion anything is possible! This is what Ken Imhoff said to himself when the Cannonball Run inspired him to start building his own Lamborghini Countach replica. During the 17-year process, he created a space frame, aluminium body panels, the well-known Lambo doors, added a Chevrolet Corvette C4 suspension kit.

Man builds Lamborghini Countach replica in 17 years

It’s powered by a 351 small-block V8 engine delivering 515 hp connected to a ZF-5 speed manual gearbox. Once all was completed there was one final hurdle. Due to the fact that it was built in the basement of Imhoff’s house (probably he didn’t expected to finish it), the man had to take down one of the walls of the basement and get its masterpiece on the road.


why didnt he just build a garage?

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