Man receives $60 ticket after the Department of Transportation puts a "No Parking" sign in front of his car

New Yorker James Allan parks his car in front of his house everyday and, for 13 years, he hasn’t encountered any problems with it. So what makes this story interesting?

Well, Allan returned home one day and found a $60 parking ticket slapped on his windshield because he parked in front of a "No Parking" sign. What? How can he park his car in the same spot for 13 years and only get a parking ticket today? The answer, of course, lies somewhere between the lines. Last Monday, the local Department of Transportation installed a "No Parking At Any Time" sign right next to Allan’s car and promptly gave it a ticket. That’s right. The car was there at the same spot it has always been for the last 13 years and when the DoT planted the sign, they gave Allan a ticket. When James got home from work, he discovered the newly-erected sign and, much to his shock, a corresponding ticket for his "violation".

Predictably, James will be contesting the ticket in court. "I’m not paying $60 for a sign that wasn’t there," he said. We’re with you on this one, buddy. In fact, if we were in his shoes, we’d be contesting the ticket, too.

Source: SI Live


I agree with you stilespj , Department of Transportation should apologize to him. They should out a "VISIBLE" warning of "No Parking", for sure Mr. 
Allan will see it.

haha. poor guy.. he should move on from what happen

The man has a good reason though. Imagine 13 years then just right now they will put a sign there and give "$60" ticket. That’s a large amount!

No Parking? After parking his car? Oh dear, these signs should be visible afterall. Where was that sign posted?

It’s like a total prank for this guy, poor him.

Maybe he forget to tell.haha

What was that thinking? They should have advised Allan that they would install that no parking sign since the car was already there before they arrived.

I agree... but it would be better if it is in 3d movie.

Too bad he looks professional in his outfit.

Yeah right, no need to explain. Dept. Transport will never give you a violation or offense if you done nothing wrong.

I really can’t understand why are those people don’t know how to read the NO PARKING sign. Are they blind or can’t read? too bad this guy looks well educated and professional and yet he still don’t follow the traffic signs.

It seems as though someone from that local Department of Transportation owes James Allan an explanation and an apology for this fraudulent action.

Knowingly issuing a ticket when there is no violation should result in some sort of punative action against the person who did this.

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