Man sues red-light camera for $3 million

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As difficult of a case it may be, David A. Czech is suing a red-light camera for $3 million dollars. Apparently David is upset about a ticket he received and is suing the city of Northwood, Ohio’s police department, and the maker of the red-light cameras.

If some of you don’t know exactly what a red-light camera is, it is a camera that the police department set up on street lights to automatically take pictures of cars that run red-lights. Those pictures are then looked over and from the license plate of the violating car a ticket is mailed to the violator.

Man sues red-light camera for $3 million

David claims that the cameras are part of an “unconstitutional ordinance to extort money,” put in place by the city. David is suing on behalf of himself and 20,000 other “offenders” for $ 3 million for payback, and an injunction banding the use of red-light cameras.

This is not the first case like this, and it won’t be the last that we see. A lot of people do not like the red-light cameras mainly because they claim that the camera is the police department’s way of taking more money. As far as this case goes we will keep you posted on whether or not David and the other “offenders” win the case.


Me, I live in Atlanta... and I used to live in Maryland, and the rules of the road are: if there is room for it, you go 10 over. Thus, seeing the shiny new "red-light camera" sign in conjunction with a yellow light has people twitchy with their left or middle pedal.

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