Mansaory Cyrus - new image gallery

Mansory revealed a new image gallery of the Cyrus - their tuning package based on DB9 or DBS. With only 15 units to be produced, Cyrus is priced at $560,000 (car not included).

The exterior of the Mansory Cyrus is both powerful and aerodynamic incorporating flared fenders, side skirts as well as a lightweight hood with larger vents and a One-77 inspired front bumper while the rear skirt is upgraded with an integrated diffuser and four stainless steel tail pipes.


I like the modified aerodynamic kit of this vehicle. The styling of the car makes it quite sporty. However, I think it would be better if we are going to less consider this car for its limited edition.

I have to say that I’m impressed with the elegant styling of the car. I hope I have read the speed performance of the car for I think it would be an awesome production.

Hell!$560,000 for a tuning package? That’s not fair for those who don’t have enough budget like me.. I could actually bought an Aventador with that price tag.

Not bad though for those that have a lot of moolah. I guess this tuning package is one in a lifetime chance to experience the smooth driving and great handling of the limited edition One-77!

Wow! So the One-77 was based in this car? I think that’s too cool!I hope to read the performance of this car. I bet this would be an awesome ride!

Mansaory or Mansory? Well, I think the design for the grille is kind of huge. However,I do admit that the exterior is perfect plus the paint job!

it look good and cheap. I have seen Aston Martin on the road and they are quite amazing! Mansory is just a waste of money I think..

There are lot of supercar that is out in the market and has a carbon fiber interior. Mclaren got the same thing which is a much way cooler! I don’t have any against the Aston but this one is lame.

I find the Mansory I bit shocking! Whoever person that will drive this one doesn’t have any right to do so. There’s nothing special about this car..DB9’s are just nothing..aside from it come up with a very hot wheels.

dang... the whole body is made of carbon fiber.. for sure this baby is dang so fast.

I’m thinking how reputable Mansaory is when it comes to car tuning. On that price range, I can buy two sports car and I can see how beautiful tune Cyrus package that their offering.

$560K for tuning? That’s too much. Although the car gives me the sense of "Yeah that’s cool, I will throw money if the car is included" but it’s not. Although the package seems interesting, the mere fact that it’s expensive that it’s not practical to buy. If that’s the price, I will consider BMW Z4 for that.

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