Marisa Miller Teams Up With 944 For A Classic Car Shoot

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There aren’t too many things we love more than fast cars and beautiful women. In fact, that might the top of TopSpeed’s favorite things in the world list. Helping fulfill our lusty love is the magazine 944 and model Marisa Miller.

The magazine dressed up Miller is various outfits and wigs and placed her in front of a Ford Thunderbird , a Ford Mustang and a Porsche 356 . We’re not sure why they chose the vehicles they did, but who’s going to be looking at them anyway.

Miller has worked with companies such as Harley-Davidson and Sport Illustrated. In 2008, she helped launch the new VRSCF V-Rod Muscle motorcycle and she continues to work with that great American company.

On top of posing for photographs and helping launch new bikes, Miller has worked on a few sitcoms, including How I Met Your Mother and Gary Unmarried. She is currently developing her own shoot focused on the military.

Hit the jump to see the video, if you haven’t already.

Source: 944


Classic or modern car photo shoot, Marisa Miller really brings up the best of this car when it comes to photography.

I agree with you guys. I love the photo shoot as well. I wonder who have shot this picture it really makes the car look so stunning because of Marissa Miller

hmm. it seems Marisa Miller has been the favorite among car manufacturer. Actually, I have seen her post for several cars. With her beauty I bet it makes us to love her more.

If I buy some of those magazine, I would probably looking at Marisa Miller. Those photographs of her makes the car looks more classy and sexy...

classic cars are really to die for don’t you think? Although their engines cant be comparable to the one’s of today those engines are still the best and the car design is really cool.

If I could remember Marisa Miller has posed already on Lamborghini’s car (i forgot the model) wherein that car drift around her. I think that one is cooler compare to this shoot.

I’m not sure which one I’d rather ride.

Gorgeous thing to wake up to, thanks top speed

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