Martini model stirs things up at this year's Formula 1 Gran Prix of Monaco

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Formula 1 drivers live a fast paced life filled with exotic race cars beautiful women and the finest luxuries, especially in Monaco. So it is very surprising to hear that a model was causing such a distraction for the men behind the wheel at this year’s Grand Prix, but maybe you would too if you were coming out of the slowest corner in F1 only to look up and see the face of an angel staring back at you with a five foot wide smile. The race’s winner, Jensen Button, said that "every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you."

It was the San Francisco native, and face of Martini’s advertising campaign, Jessiqa Pace, whose image was strung up in the air just after the Lowes hairpin, promoting the Italian winemaker’s iconic vermouth. Last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton had an incident around the banner during the Saturday qualifying session that left the mechanics rebuilding the Mercedes chassis all night and the youngest F1 Champion of all time starting from the back of the grid on Sunday.

Pace happened to be in Monaco for the race weekend, and when she learned of the unfortunate incident told reporters that "obviously it’s very flattering that I’m distracting the drivers so much, but I’d feel terrible if someone got hurt." This just goes to show, the 2009 Formula 1 season has turned the sport on its head. First Button starts winning races for Brawn GP the major manufacturers can’t find the podium and now beautiful women will have to be removed from the racetrack. At least Ferrari showed they has a little more pep in their step, coming in third and fourth at the grand prix.

Source: Autoblog


Yeah, I think that one too. I bet it would be awesome to have gorgeous women around the race.

Wow!I think she is Mexican. She really looks like an angel and I think she really fit for a model of F1 race.

I bet even drivers of F1 will definitely stares at this kind of beauty. If the event coordinator will take this lady in the final lap, I think that’ll be a tough fight for everybody...

Though distracting, but still this one is rewarding. Seeing a lovely lady on the streets made the drivers to boost their energy and inspire them with a cute smile.

Haha, now I can’t wait to see the race, or maybe the model.

yeah she drives the crowd wild alright, Since I’m a free as a bird, I think I’m in love again...

She must be that beautiful that she was able to distract such an experienced race master Jensen Button.

I think that its really flattering if people are distracted by one’s beauty but its such a shame when people are getting hurt because of this. If first saw that martini model in a print ad before and I thought that she’s really beautiful. I just wish that she is not as beautiful as she usually does.

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