Marussia sports car - Russia's first sports car

Nikolai Fomenko, is a Russian celebrity. He’s a movie star, game show host, former pop star, and a winning FIA-GT race car driver. In America, that makes him a little like a combination of Mark Wahlberg (without all the Marky Mark jokes) and Jeff Gordon with a little Pat Sajak thrown into the mix.

But it seems that Fomenko still has enough time on his hands to develop his own sports car. It’s called the Marussia Marussia , and the car has more ambition than most start-up car companies. The Marussia was developed as a hybrid with a Renault-sourced 3.5-liter V6 making 240 hp and an electrical engine (with no other details provided). There are also plans to wireless networking capabilities, Bluetooth, GPS and multiple video screens.

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