Maserati collaborates with Bulgari to create the Octo Maserati timepiece

Two heavyweights from their respective industries are collaborating on a special edition time piece that should have auto enthusiasts and watch collectors stand up and take notice.

Italian automaker Maserati and Italian luxury goods retailer Bulgari have joined forces to build the rather flashy and extravagant Octo Maserati timepiece.

The Octo name of the timepiece lends itself to its octagonal shape, which has been enclosed in a steel case that measures 45mm in diameter. Among the striking features of the watch include a scratchproof sapphire crystal, a transparent caseback with the famous Maserati Trident Trident logo, a brushed steel feel with a tachometric scale, a hand-applied octagonal inner bezel ring, a blue-lacquered dial, and a mechanical Calibre GG780 Haute Horlogerie movement.

There’s no word yet on how much the Octo Maserati timepiece will cost, but you only need to look at the two companies - Maserati and Bulgari - that are responsible for this watch to determine that it’s going to cost you a lot more than just a pretty penny.


It looks stunning and how can a middle class will afford this if this will have a price range more than a hundred dollar?

Where can you find luxurious watches like this? Only Bulgari and Maserati collaborate to come up with this timepiece. The Octagonal shape creates more of its sporty design while the scratch-proof glass is one of the best it can offer. Well , Give me some idea about the pricing, but I know it’ll be more than a hundred dollar.

Great! I like everything about it.

Great! It’ll surely an extreme project then.

I wonder which company’s design would be applied on the timepiece.

Every time I see articles of almost the similar news, I can’t help but compare. There are lots of Ferrari fans, but I think Movado is not well-know worldwide, unlike Maserati and Bulgari. That’s why I think this project will be more successful.

How will this be appealing to the general people? I’m sure only automotive enthusiasts will be aware of this.

As these two are both my favorites, I’ll be sure to purchase their product.

I think this will beat the Ferrari-Movado collaboration!

I wonder if its performance will be like of those automotive. LOL.

Ah, they’ll assemble this just like how they assemble their innovations. It will be efficient and durable then.

I’m sort of thinking this is a competition to the Ferrari-Movado tandem. Why, the notions are timely, pun intended.

I’m actually waiting for this to happen. I can’t wait to see what’s the result of their collaboration.

Really? I’m already expecting this timepiece to be both functional and luxurious.

Gosh, two of my favorite companies have collaborated! I’ll be sure to own this one!

Along with Ferrari-Movado tandem, I’m anticipating for this partnership too. I’m wondering which will appeal more to automotive enthusiasts, and to the general people.

Like I’ve stated on the other article, similar notions are sprouting. Anyway, I expect full elegance of the products from these joint companies.

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