Maserati Quattroporte 2030 Concept

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Design inspiration can come from many different places and things. Some of them are quite odd, like the new Maserati Quattroporte 2030 concept. The vehicle was designed by Yaroslav Chumachenko, a 25-year old transportation design student at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Italy.

This is no ordinary design though, as this car can adopt minor design changes. It can be used as an SUV, sedan, or a rear-engine sports car. While that is astounding, what really got our attention was the designer’s inspiration. Chumachenko used a dinosaur as inspiration.

We can sort of see it, as the front of the car appears to have large fangs like a dinosaur, but were not sure about the rest. The car uses a skeletal-like platform to provide flexibility. The car can change shape by using Stereolithography additive manufacturing technology.

In the safety department, those ribs will provide a sturdy structure as they are attached to the longitudinal member. As crazy as this car might be, it sure does make us wonder if these cars will ever see the light of day.


Yeah, I have to agree on that one! However, it seems that the rear engine has a difficulty in turning on the corner.

I would say that I really admired the elegance and decent styling of current Maserati. However, I’m just disappointed on the future production of this car manufacturer.

hmm. If this car will not be in the production, don’t tell me they are going to make this car as the basis of their future production?hmm. I definitely don’t want to see myself driving on this hideous creation!

I doubt that this vehicle would be on its way for production! I don’t like its styling plus and I think the current production of Maserati is far better.

Well, I guess that this is just a preview on how will the Maserati car will look in the future. However, I have a doubt that this car will make it in the production.

Oh no! I think we could expect a weird design for the future of Maserati. I would say that this is far from their traditional production and I don’t think that I would love it.

Yeah, same here. I don’t like on how this car looks like! The Skeletal-like platform doesn’t have any appeal on me. And I think its appropriate to call it weird rather than unique!

Err! I don’t like the face of this car for it far from the word aggressive! I bet it would be long enough before this car would be in the production or the worst is that it will be never be line up for production.

That is right dude, I am also thanking the one who made this concept. It was very unique and creative. Am sure this one will become one of the greatest design for Maserati Quattroporte.

You’re thinking of Lamborghini, which is owned by VW and Audi provides engineering and technical support to them.

I test drove the Quatroporte about a year ago. It acts just like an automatic by default.

I think this type of car is very unique. This is good collection for those who are cars fanatics.This is an out of this world design and the concept is outrageously distinctive.

It looks like an ugly toy, or a car from the Jetsons.

Good the current one’s front is hideous. Make the Gran Turismo front universal

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