Matte Black Oettinger Audi TT

Of all the European based tuners working on VWs, there is only one that will make the truly knowledgeable enthusiast take a second glance. For over half a century, the German modification specialist Oettinger set their sights on improving everything Volkswagen Volkswagen from Seats to Skoda Skoda s and everything in between. The benefit of this is that 60 years later after Audi and VW have become one, Oettinger can produce a magnificent matte black Audi TT .

The Oettinger tuning program ranges from engine enhancements, to elegantly styled aero kits as is evident by this black TT that wears everything from a set of headlight masks to a carbon fiber front lip spoiler all making the TT a much more muscular machine finished off with a set of the signature Oettinger RE wheels. In addition to their engineers and electronic technicians, who are constantly developing and perfecting new engine enhancements so that hardcore VW enthusiasts will continue to have a place to turn to for high quality performance parts.

Source: NV-P FlickR


The good thing is that this car has an impressive power output and an elegant styling as well. I really love the platform of this vehicle for it makes the car more sporty.

Matte color would be an awesome choice! However, I’m not really fan of the styling of the car but to its speed performance.

The good thing about this car is that it has an astonishing engineering! It really looks great from the exterior until on the inside. I bet this car would be pricey.

Well, at least this car looks like a real Audi TT unlike on what the Kahn Design have done to this car. Matte color will always be a cool paint job and combining it with a sporty car makes it perfect! BTW, for a tuning car I was actually looking for a boost in the power.

I really love the matte black I think this is the coolest paint job ever! Well, for this car, I hope they have indicated the performance of this car to judge it well.

Absolutely Matte Black is a perfect choice! Its the hottest car that I ever seen.
And i know Oettinger can tune up the car and "understated" the offers in aftermarket.

If the color is foul so as the design so hear me designer fix your color it might change the outcome of the ugly design.

Guy’s please orange and black is not a good color! Don’t you have a sense of car in your veins!

Matte Black is a perfect choice for a sports car like this. perfect combination of Black and Orange. @ Tamuramarou - yup it does look like a japanese car.

Looks Japanese to me, the wheels, the bodykit, the headlight masks etc. Someone has been spying on Veilside.

Awesome color combination. The layout is also perfect for racing. Audi deserves a handful of reviews, they own the world’s most desirable cars.

What I like about this Audi TT is the stylish mask for the headlights that compliments the matte color of this car. Also for the wheel, the combination of black and the outer orange lines complements each other.

Matte black has been an ICON color specially to a super car like this, it’s because matte black is more scary, or should i say aggressive and sporty color and specially simple.

That is true, this car is a privately owned TT.

As a TT owner myself smiley I love this car!!

this is such a sexy matte car. I’m inspired to decor and mod my car like this

This vehicle was not made by OETTINGER.. it is a privately owned vehicle with OETTINGER body parts on it!

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