Matus Prochaczka's 3-wheel car is dynamic and magnetic!

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Designer Matus Prochaczka from Slovak has created an unique and interesting vehicle concept. Making use of magnetic power, the MAG Magnetic uses an electric engine that has a polarity which is the same as in road. The downside: this will also require the roads to be made of huge concrete panels with magnets embedded in them. This magnetic force will repel the vehicle, pushing it upwards and lightens the vehicle to 50 percent.

The 2-seater vehicle’s design is definitely a unique one, and it even won the ’Unseen Technology’ award at the Interior Motives Design 2007 Awards. Although it’s likely no government is about to lay magnetic roads, maybe this could find some use in airports or shopping malls.



Hahahaha calmed down guys! Instead to be impressed with this car it seems that you’re both irritated on it. smiley Anyway, this 3-wheel car is really weird, and it is not looked like a car either, is there had a handling? It seems none.

This one looks more like a bathtub rather than a car. But it still looks every bit as interesting.

So where do you sit? Do you sit or do you lie down inside it? Would feel like a hearse if you have to lie down in it.

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