Mazda CX-5 in the works

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Mazda Kazamai

We first heard about the CX-5 back in 2008 when Mazda began discussing its plans to expand their line and create a more well-rounded line-up. Two years later and those plans are finally being put to work as AutoCar reports that the newCX-5 is just about ready to be launched.

The new CX-5 is being designed after the Kazamai Concept that was unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show in 2008. The concept looked like a cross between a sports car and an SUV and highlighted the direction Mazda was taking when producing their next small compact crossover. Straight out of Star Trek, the Kazamai Concept’s design language was all, but ordinary.

Not only will the Mazda CX-5 boast an extravagant design concept, but it will also be doing its part for the environment, being the first production Mazda to be powered by the Sky engine. The SKY-G engine is a next-generation direct injection gasoline engine with greatly improved fuel economy and output due to enhanced thermal efficiency. The engine will work with i-stop, regenerative braking, and lighter vehicles to provide the owner with a 30-percent increase in fuel economy. The Mazda CX-5 will be at least 100kg lighter than its competitors.

Mazda will also be shadowing the new Land Rover Evoque by creating both three- and five-door versions.

Source: AutoCar


I like the car’s concept design but I think mazda needs to work more on styling the face.

I like this design! But I doubt that Mazda will make it. If they do go into production
who are they competing with?

The CX-9 is not a larger CX-7, they use different platforms and drive trains, there are similarities, but that is because Mazda is using a cohesive design language on their products.

True, but the Tribute has been staying in lockstep with the Escape even after all the other F-M collaborations have faded, but maybe that’s exactly because of your point about the power trains - Escape’s hasn’t changed since the first model, right?

I hope this is going to replace the Tribute, because the Escape is nice for Ford, but the Tribute does not fit with Mazda new design language. This is a pretty nice looking vehicle to slot below the CX-7, and it expands Mazda line up (good for me because I sell Lincolns, Mercury’s, and Mazda). I am interested in seeing what engines they will use in the vehicles.

I’m a little confused or an actually car done by Mazda? It seems pretty cool, and its not just a smaller CX-7, like the 9 is a bigger one. Kind of pointless though, the CX-7 isn’t that big to begin with, do they really need a smaller one?

Rear-drive, three real seats (very ingenious, forward set passenger, with tandem rear seat, driver’s seat behind front passenger, and a small jump-seat behind it...),small, and light weight.

Not only that but the new Tribute is ugly. I saw an Escape last week at Vegas and was suprised it looked as good as it did. I could see them putting a 2.0 Turbo in there.

I think this will kill off the Tribute and Mazda5

Unless there is some sort of structural bracing that is hidden by the black glass there is no way this car can make it into production looking like this. NHTSA will never let it pass side impact protection, or rollover.

Out of date rumour?

I would think that would be competing with their own Mazda3 hatchback at that point the CX-5 only about $2,000 more expensive than the Mazda3 5-door I think.

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