Mazda MX-5 and Volkswagen GTI top Consumer Reports charts

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Mazda MX-5 Miata

Love the feeling of your hair blowing in the breeze as you cruise down the long, straight road jamming to your favorite band? Yeah, so do we. That’s why we were happy to hear that our friends over at Consumer Reports have conducted another monthly road test and this time they have decided to test convertibles and sporty vehicles. The convertibles category consisted of the all wheel drive Audi A5 , the sporty Infiniti G37 , the more refined Lexus IS250 , the smaller, sportier Mini Cooper S and Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring . After their road test, Consumer Reports states they would only recommend the Miata to consumers. Ouch. We can’t say we agree with Reports on this one. I mean the Mazda Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring is a nice car, but to say that they would recommend it over the Infiniti G37 Infiniti G37 ? That doesn’t make much sense to us. Granted, it is the cheaper choice although looking like it would cost more than $31,550. Our choice in this category would be the Infiniti G37 if you hadn’t already guessed. It is pricier than the Miata with a price tag starting at $44,350, but worth it when comparing engine capabilities and space. The Infinity G37 has a 3.7L V6 engine producing 325hp while the Miata is a measly 4 cylinder, 2.0L engine producing 170hp. The Infiniti G Infiniti G 37 is also a 4-seater while the Miata is not. The choice seems obvious to us, but, hey, we can’t always agree right?

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Consumer Reports also ran a road test on the Volkswagen GTI , Mazdaspeed3 , and Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart as part of their sporty models test. This category was lead by the Volkswagen GTI and the Mazadaspeed3 based on their reliability with the Volkswagen GTI receiving top honors due to the fact that it is “exhilarating to drive and easy to live with”. It also boasts good fuel economy at 27 mpg overall. Consumer Reports did not have sufficient reliability data on the Lancer Ralliart to provide a recommendation. It is definitely the pricier model of the three listed, but price does not always go hand in hand with reliability.


I really don’t think that the options would cause for more higher sales. Personally, What I love most of the car is its basic looks. It just give you a spirit to have a fun driving minus the luxurious stuff.

beefed-up 178-horsepower engine in the Mazdaspeed Miata MX-5, you could be driving one of the fastest cars on the road.

why the hell is Mazda floating in the water!hehe. Kidding aside! Well, speaking of the engine Mazda has one! Just look at the success of Mazda 2 and you will not doubt about the quality and performance of the Mazda!

It already have been reported hitting 100K purchase in UK...

Hope this doesn’t turn into what they did with the M/B ML SUV Went from top rated to do not recommend when the poor reliability reports began to flow in.

Well, the MX-5 is not that bad of a car but I do wonder on why would anyone suggest it over an Audi A5 or/and specially the Lexus IS250. The price can be one of the reasons but in terms of performance, come on!

I think in general Hondas have been very reliable. Thus, the reason for the recommendation of the Civic. By contrast, the entire VW line for a long time has had poor reliability. In the annual CR auto issue, VW has serveral cars under the ‘most problems per 100 cars’ list. Don’t slam me if your VW is reliable, Im just regurgitating what CR states.

Just what many are assuming. It was rated on top because of it’s sturdy design and competitive performance plus the fuel consumption is far better than others.

Well this is a good news for the both car maker, MX-5 is the cheapest but a performer car with this it sure can top out it’s contenders.

Why doesn’t Consumer Reports ever test the IS350? They always test the 250 model, which is ridiculously slow and only a few grand cheaper than its 350 sibling. No wonder they never select it as the winner; on all the other cars, they test the best versions, and on the IS they test the worst.

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