Mazda6 Coupe and Cabriolet renderings

Mazda is working on two new versions for the Mazda6 (or Atenza on the Japanese market): coupe and cabrio will be added to the current sedan and station wagon line-up. A high performance version is also under consideration: the MazdaSpeed Atenza.

Both new models will be based on the sedan chassis and Mazda hopes to achieve build quality on par with the BMW 3 Series models. The whole Atenza line up will mimic the BMW 3 Series range with both companies offering sedan, wagon, cabriolet, coupe and high performance models.

Mazda will also produce a high performance Mazda 2 to address the demand in Europe for a more powerful version, although whether it will be marketed as a proper Mazdaspeed model is yet to be decided.

Source: 7tune

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