Mazdaspeed3 spy shot

After announcing that the Mazda3 sedan will be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, here is a new spy shot of the Mazdaspeed3 testing at the Nurburgring. World debut for this special edition will be made in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

The modifications over the normal Mazda3 include, a massive hood scoop, larger alloy wheels, side skirts, dual exhaust and rear roof spoiler. Like the previous generation Mazdaspeed3, it will likely be available as a five-door only. Powering the car will possibly be the 300hp 2.5-liter 5-cylinder turbo from the European Ford Focus RS .

Source: WCF


I worked on the mazdaspeed3 spy shot and thought it might like this. (a little rough)./Users/michaela rnone/Desktop/2010-Maz daspeed3-rendering.png

Relax man, I wasn’t trying to pick one with you. Yeah, I’d also like to see that in the GT-R but that thing already has the double clutch system so very few revs are lost.

But even with the fancy tranny, I doubt the times of the SS. It could be running a little more than the advertised 260something hp. It could also be that the rear truck suspension setup commonly used in Mustangs has no handling downsides to a FF version car.

Maybe they didn’t use it in the ZR1 because the transmission is not suitable for high torque. Or maybe the Chevy engineeers were being lazy.....

no i’m not saying i’d take the cobalt over the speed 3... speed3 wins hands down overall.. i’m just saying the no lift shift is why it was so quick... it’d be nice to see that in some awd subaru or even a speed 3 then think what kind of times they would post it’d be insane... and yea they should have put it in the zr1 too... but i’m thinkin the most impressive would be in the gtr... with twin turbos being spooled up at all times it’d be ridiculous

Which makes me wonder why they didn’t use it in the ZR1. That way they could have stuck with a naturally aspirated engine.

Also you are aware that the Mazdaspeed 3, WRX -all of this car’s competition are imports and they cost just a little bit more? These imports have hidden charges like freight and such so the manufacture can make a profit and even then they only cost a little bit more.

So a sophisticated AWD drivetrain on the WRX is also an impressive piece of tecnology for a cheap car.

And be honest here man. What car would you rather be seen in? A well designed interior of a Speed3 or the shoddy interior of the SS that will make the interior of an EVO look like a Lexus.

Yes the cobalt is impressive but there are better deals out there if performance only is not your primary concern.

it posts quick times bc of the no lift shift mechanism that allows it to keep that turbo spooled up even when shifting gears and keep the rpm high... thats pretty impressive tech for such a cheap car

I hope this car will post a decent lap time. Its embaressing to have the butt ugly Cobalt SS claim a faster time on the Nurburgring.

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