McLaren F1 caught fire

One unlucky Californian decided to expose his McLaren F1 to the elements and stretch the super car’s legs after sitting in storage for six months. As the owner was enjoying a cruise in his 6.0 Liter V12 BMW powered, carbon fiber bodied and F1 inspired speed bubble the driver was alerted by a fellow motorist that there was smoke coming from the McLaren’s engine bay. Within 10 minutes of pulling over to the side of the road, the entire $2 Million machine was engulfed in flames. It was a total loss. The McLaren F1’s creator, Gordon Murray, sent 106 of his babies out into the world; now there is one less.

McLaren F1 caught fire

Looking on the bright side, the F1 was insured for $3 Million. So just like when Eddie Murphy broke the Ming vase in Trading Places, the former McLaren owner has just turned a profit. But being a true car guy, he would probably rather have his baby back. However, I have to wonder if he left a rag in the engine bay when detailing the car half a year ago and just forgot to check before he went out for spin.

Source: Jalopnik


It’s a collectors item. Earning a million from a 3 million insurance for the car is not enough to fulfill the absence of having one of only few cars that was made in the world.

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