McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray unveils 'The Batmobile'

Gordon Murray is an iconic designer in the auto industry because of his previous work with the equally legendary McLaren F1 . As a man that has long built a reputation as one of the best designers in the industry, Murray’s latest project involves the design of a car that’s arguably more famous than even the McLaren F1: the Batmobile.

Featuring aerodynamics that were inspired by Formula One, the two-seater Batmobile was designed and built for a different purpose than what we’d hope. No, we’re not going to see this car patrol our cities from criminals, nor are we going to see it on the silver screen anytime soon. Instead, this particular Batmobile will grace the stage in the Broadway musical, BATMAN Live.

In addition to the F1-sourced aerodynamic built, this Batmobile also comes with an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and, in true Caped Crusader fashion, it also has plenty of gadgets and gizmos that would make Adam West proud. Murray made all the sketches and design details of the car, but was not responsible for the actual build of the Batmobile. That task was left to a London-based independent fabrication shop.

While we were surprised to find out Gordon Murray’s involvement in such a project, we’d be the last people to ever question the master’s work, especially if it involves the Dark Knight’s ride.

UPDATE 07/25/11: We don’t know if this is a foreboding of things to come, but Gordon Murray’s assault-on-the-senses, eco-friendly Batmobile crashed before the opening of the Batman Live World Arena Tour in the UK last week. No word on how the whole accident happened, but it’s definitely not the kind of start the organizers of the five-year traveling event wanted to have. Fortunately, a replacement car was immediately flown in and arrived just before the event kicks off tomorrow.

Check out the Batmobile’s official unveiling in London after the jump.


It looks perfectly fine for me. That was one of the best design of Batmobile that I’ve seen online. Well, there were sort of imperfections on the angle.

Was that made of vinyl or leather? I’ve been curious on the materials used on the exterior. Like what we’ve seen in the past Batman movies. I loved the last movie’s car. Its very vintage.

This two seater car has earned a lot of praises both offline and online. I cannot wait to see its official launch on the upcoming broadway musical. Unfortunately, I have no chance of watching the play.

I’m not really into batmobile! And I think its not really a good thing to be called by this term. Most of the people just laugh at it and I’m afraid that it will ruined the reputation of the Lamborghini car.

I have read recently that they have plan to use the Lamborghini Aventador as batmobile! Well, I guess they are going to customized this car to make it more realistic.

Probably it won’t do any of the spectacular stunts that the other Batmobile versions have done, because it is just on stage. But it still looks good though.

I can’t wait to see it! I believe that this one will earn praises from all aspects! Everything on it is very special and luxurious. Hope we can see its final design very soon!

Well, whatever you say about this one, it is still a great looking design. I really like how Murray incorporated a lot of F1 touches to this work, really makes it stand out.

The design of this batmobile is very detailed and inspired from the previous batmobiles we’ve ever seen. I am excited to see its features and special materials used on this car.

Well, I am not really surprised that this one turned out as it is. The thing is for stage production, which means that they would have limited space to work around, so they really don’t need fancy designs.

This one has more of the old school Batmobile feel to it. But I would agree with you guys that it really doesn’t have the edgy look that other Batmobile versions have.

Man, if this one is a real car, it would probably be destroyed in seconds. Just take a look at those thin wheels, they probably won’t last with the way folks will be driving this one.

Well, this one really is a work of an art car. But for me, I like the previous design of Bat Mobile. I think that was from Batman Begins.

OK, this one definitely looks very cool, love the sleek bullet design on this one. But I still prefer the Tumbler from Batman begins, that one is really bad ass.

I really don’t care who designed it but just looking at the hideous look of this car I would say that its a epic failure! I more appreciate the batmobile during the 80-90’s.

Yuck! Although Murray designed the great F1 cars I really can’t stand looking at it. During the 1950’s, maybe this car looks so cool. However, with the current generation, this one seems to be odd looking. 

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