Mercedes A-Class AMG in the works

We haven’t even had the opportunity to get the next generation Mercedes A-Class and already Mercedes has plans for an AMG version. The new A-Class AMG will target models like the Ford Focus RS and the Volkswagen Golf R when it goes on sale in 2013, just one year after the next generation Mercedes A-Class is set to come out.

In an interview with AutoCar, Ola Källenius, AMG’s newly installed boss said: "It marks the beginning of a new direction for the company and will expose AMG to a whole new, younger, and more dynamic customer base."

The 2013 Mercedes A-Class AMG will be powered by a new four-cylinder engine, based on the current M271 EVO unit, that will develop around 270bhp and 280lb ft of torque. This engine will be coupled to a new dual-clutch gearbox and the multi-plate clutch four-wheel drive system. This is the same that will be used for the future GLC crossover.

The bad news is that the new A-Class AMG will not be available on the US market. Big shocker, we know (dripping with sarcasm). However, for its American customers, Mercedes has announced plans for a baby CLS .


So, they’ll make an amg of the c-coupe but not of the e-coupe?! Why..?

And the E-Class engine produces 268hp, and will be updated for either 2011 or 2012 to get a 306hp engine.

The E-class has a 276HP engine and its underpowered compared to other cars in the segment - especially the CTS...why isn’t an AMG A-class getting at least 300HP?

Why they will not sell the next generation AMG in US?

I think UK will get to enjoy this morre than US, they say that it won’t be available for US.

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