Mercedes and Aston Martin in talks of possible collaboration

There are whispers going around that Mercedes and Aston Martin are looking to forming a partnership sometime in the future. Lord knows what we’re going to make of this, but since the word came from Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche himself, we figure that there might more truth to this than what we originally thought.

Speaking to Autocar, Zetsche mentioned that he believes that a collaboration between the German automaker and the British marquee could happen down the road. “Smaller brands need help with new technology,” he said.

“It’s possible we could do things in the future."

The two car brands aren’t strangers to one another. Two years ago, Aston Martin and Mercedes launched a partnership that was called ’Project Alligator’ . Now, it looks like the two brands are poised to renew their partnership which, in the event it happens, could see both Mercedes and Aston strike an agreement for a number of ventures, not the least of which could include a variety of things like research, development, and production of new engines as well as new models in the future.

Source: Autocar UK


Its almost three years before the rumor have started and I haven’t heard any update for the beginning in the production of the Project Alligator. Well, I guess this is just a rumor for both car company haven’t announced an official statement about this tandem.

Wow! I bet this would be a powerful collaboration if ever this rumor was true. Both Mercedes and Aston Martin builds a successful model in the market! The styling and speed performance is great as well.

Its quite interesting! I bet I’m not the only whose excited here! I think its it would be easy to modified the engine since both car manufacturer is using a German machinery.

wow! I can’t wait to see the result of this collaboration. I think these two German would create a big impact in the auto market. I can’t wait to know the update of this production!

Recently, I haven’t heard anything about it. And both of these cars have released their new production version. I wonder if they still have the time to work together?

Both car manufacture have an awesome production and I was impressed as well as on the performance. However, are they currently working together or this one would remain a rumor forever!

I should say..’WOW’..this would be a great collaboration. But still it’s a rumor..i wish they confirmed.

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