Mercedes at Shanghai Auto Show

DaimlerChrysler will show almost 50 vehicles this year at Auto Shanghai, including vehicles from Mercedes Car Group, Chrysler Group and Truck Group, in addition to its history as a safety pioneer, roadmap to sustainable mobility and new vehicle financing products in China.

Mercedes at Shanghai Auto Show

“From the two-seat Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible roadster and GL55 AMG off-road powerhouse, to the largest Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy duty truck; and from the locally produced Chrysler Sebring Chrysler Sebring and all-new Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee, to the 500 hp Dodge Dodge Viper - DaimlerChrysler’s display is emblematic of the breadth and depth of its strong brands, and its intention to sell and produce vehicles in China in almost every segment,” said Ulrich Walker, Chairman and CEO of DaimlerChrysler Northeast Asia. “All of our divisions and regional partners have a presence at Auto Shanghai, which is symbolic of our continued growth and expansion in this dynamic market.”

Mercedes Car Group will display 20 new models on the stand, including the new S350, which has a new rear seat entertainment system customized for China. The S350 joins the S300 (developed exclusively for China), S600 and SL500 as part of the lineup of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship sedans. China has one of the highest sales of S-Class vehicles in the world. For the first quarter of 2007, Mercedes-Benz sold 3,000 S-Class sedans, which accounted for almost half of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold in China.

Following the increasing demand for luxury in China, the ultra-luxurious Maybach 62S has a special VIP area in the MCG stand.

Mercedes at Shanghai Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 100 years of 4MATIC, all-wheel drive technology this year. In 1907 the Company created the world’s first all-wheel drive vehicle. As of 2007, Mercedes-Benz has implemented 4th generation 4MATIC all-wheel drive technology in forty-eight models across seven series including the S-Class, E-Class and the SUV family, far more than any other luxury car maker in the world. Two weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz officially launched some of its fastest sedans in the world’s fastest growing market; the legendary AMG high-performance vehicles are now available China - S65 AMG, E63 AMG, G55 AMG and ML63 AMG. Renowned for their high-performance, specially tuned engines, and unique interior and exterior appointments, AMG vehicles represent the best attributes of Mercedes-Benz, taken to the next level.

“With the rapid growth of affluence in China and increasing desire for individuality and personal expressiveness, we are bringing the most dynamic Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the most dynamic market in the world,” added Walker. “Chinese consumers are increasingly differentiating themselves through high-end fashion, design, travel and lifestyle choices. Automobile enthusiasts have long considered their vehicles as extensions of themselves. AMG offers a new level of automotive aspiration and expression for the growing number of passionate car enthusiasts in China.”

Mercedes at Shanghai Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz is also showing the new E-Class sedans, built at the BBDC joint venture (E 200; E280 and E350). Production of the new E-Class continues ramping up at the plant from when it began last November. A history journey from Paris to Beijing over 28 days heralded the launch of the new E-Class in China last year.

Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate why it is the number one in luxury SUV’s in China with its “Fantastic Four” lineup: The full-size R-Class SUV, the award-winning full-size GL-Class, the high-performance mid-size ML-Class, and the 28-year-old classic, the G-Class, a truly professional off-road warrior.

Mercedes-Benz will also show its transporters – the Viano and Marco Polo Viano Multi Purpose Vehicles. Mercedes Mercedes -Benz transporters set new benchmarks for family or business transportation needs, providing best-in-class comfort, space and reliability.

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