Mercedes Benz CLK will return in 2011

Mercedes had to eliminate their two door CLK sports car in order to make room fot the new E-Class Coupe , but don’t worry, according to Automobile Magazine the model will make a comeback in 2011.

The future Mercedes Benz CLK will be slightly longer than its predecessor, by 5 cm, and will be heavily styled after the current C-Class. Under the hood, Mercedes will incorporate gas saving technologies like direct injection and stop/start technology.

So now the only question left to ask is, why would mercedes want a CLK that could compete with an E-Class Coupe. It is very likely that the super sports version of the entry level Benz would ruin sales of their all new mid sized coupe?


I think that’s the most sensible reason why CLK production is being posponed as you can see you need a more agressive buyer for sports cars if you are offering two models for one segment aside from competitors, and this is not the year for that

The incorporation of start/stop technology and the direct injection with this class is a very significant development in the Mercedes line up

The decision is good coz if they will release both segment for this year when most are not into buying cars it would just affect their market

If CLK is considered as the sports version of E class, then what do your call the E-class sports version which Mercedes launched recently?

Dig this out. The Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class is a mid-size rear-wheel drive coupé/convertible. While it was based on the C-Class, its styling cues, engine, and price range are closer to that of the E-Class, leading some to believe that the CLK is a coupé version of the E-class.

like the fact that this coupe migrated to the E-class platform instead of the C-class. The suspension and and chassis are much more advanced in the E. I would love to see how the E63 Coupe stacks up against the M6, CTC-V and the XFR.

The question posted here is very significant—is Benz competing with the product of its own just simple giving us more choices for the said car segment?

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