Mercedes Benz GLK spotted.

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When will the Mercedes GLK be announced.

Mercedes Benz GLK spotted.

Mercedes Benz GLK spotted.

There appears to be a lot research and development going on at Mercedes Benz in Germany, the focus of which is the new Mercedes Benz GLK which is expected to open up a new market for Mercedes in the sports utility vehicle marketplace.

The car seen in the spy shot clearly shows how the mock up has been shaped to fit into the short wheel base size, rather than the larger long wheel base cars.

With what the vehicle will be powered with is still a mystery, the safe bet would be on a V6 as this would fair better in the current green environment, however you can never dismiss the German engineers and their love of the V8, so sooner rather than later, I suspect that their will be a big Mercedes V8 sitting in the engine compartment of the GLK. The release date will probably be in late 2008 or early 2009, with an early appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show a fore gone conclusion.

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