Mercedes confirmed: New compact SUV to be called GLK

MBUSA confirmed that the new compact SUV set to be launched in Europe late next year and in USA in early 2009 will be called GLK.

The name GLK suggests a smaller version of the full-sized GL-class SUV, but the resemblance is limited to the new model’s relatively squared-off exterior.

For the US market the GLK-Class will be available in three trims: the GLK280 V-6 4Matic (228 hp); the GLK350 V-6 4Matic (268 hp); and the GLK320 CDI V-6 4Matic (221 hp). The car will feature a seven-speed manu-matic gearbox. The AMG version will have an output of 500 hp.

The GLK probably will start below $40,000 and well below the M class, which starts at $44,425 including shipping.

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