Mercedes G55 AMG Streetline by ART

The UAE is certainly the world’s current center for over the top tuning and luxury motoring, so it is no surprise that ART Tuning revealed theirG55 AMG Streetline at the recent Dubai Motor Show. The tuner started out with a performance upgrade that includes an ECU upgrade that also gives the gearbox crisper shifts and overrides the top speed limiter before ending the upgrade with a custom six tip stainless steel exhaust system. The hand built AMG engine now a total of 601 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque while the G-Wagen ’s top speed goes up to 161 MPH.

Mercedes G55 AMG Streetline by ART

The interior is finished with leather trim in bordeaux red with bright contrast stitching covereing every surface imaginable inside the highly modified G along with embossed logos and a set of velour carpets in black and red with hand stitched emblems. ART also added a multifunctional Sport Steering Wheel, that has been ergonomically designed with airbag and covered in more bordeaux red leather and noble wood. ART fitted a bit of red ambience lighting and a speedometer that reads all the way up to 330km/h.

Mercedes G55 AMG Streetline by ART

The body kit includes a more aggressive front fascia with a total of ten xenon lit projectors and more LED driving lights then you can shake a stick at. The aero bonnet is vented and so are the fenders and wide arches. The running boards are dressed up with some stylish illuminated covers. The rear bumper is covered with multicolored LEDs while up top there is a more pronounced roof spoiler. However the most moemorable feature of the Streetline G55 is that the entry ledges for all five doors are illuminated with the ART logo.

Source: ART Tuning


Although commending the tweak on the engine system which I may think for a SUV, the skills are quite advance but for including too much LED on some parts of the car especially on the rear part, that’s not a good move. The color choice for the interior designs especially the seats were okay I guess.

For a fact that some of their tuned-up cars are quite amazing, well I also consider Dubai Motor show as the center of the best tuned-up and luxury cars in the world. Well this SUV car is somewhat like a "jeep" that brings me on that year where it’s frequently used in deserts.

I’ve been craving for this kind of SUV, it looks tough to me and reliable. I must admit that I was amazed with this customizations specially with the mugs fitted on it.
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