Mercedes M-Class Bluetec hybrid in 2 years

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In 2009 Mercedes will have the first hybrid on the market.This was confimed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show by Thomas Weber.

Mercedes is likely to combine new hybrid technology with its low emission Bluetec diesel engine know-how in the brand’s M-Class model within two years

Mercedes-Benz could have a Bluetec diesel-electric hybrid variant of ithe M-Class on sale in the UK within the next two years.

A 3.2L six-cylinder Bluetec engine in conjunction with the 2-Mode hybrid system developed jointly with BMW and GM will power the car.

Fuel economy is expected to be around 40 mpg and CO2 emissions would likely be under 200g/km.

The system would comply with US standards and regulations as well, and help lead the way towards more fuel-stingy yet powerful diesel hybrid systems in the future.

Mercedes-Benz will be working with BMW, sharing hybrid technology to producing the SUV and other hybrids to later arrive on the market.

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